Monday, August 18, 2008

August Birthdaypalooza

All three girls have birthdays in August so we do a little thing I like to call the consolidated birthday party. This year they wanted an under the sea party. I had real starfish (carcasses) for the partygoers to take with them and fun little sea creature crafts planned. Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 girls had fevers and it ended up just being our family, my grandma, mother-in-law and a brief visit from my friend and her grandson (Hi Julie!). There were still presents and cake so the girls were still happy. So without further ado I present to you pictures from the birthday and preparation of the cake. Marvel in its splendor (possible overstatement there but my grandma (bakery dept. veteran) said the writing looked nice).

Part One: The Cake

Mmmm....chocolicious. I made this cake into a 4-layer cake filled with raspberry sauce. If you have never had the pleasure of straining a pot of raspberry sauce through a fine mesh sieve, you are missing out my friend. Good times. I have to tell you, in all honesty, that I could have drank this stuff from a mug.

I made a swiss buttercream icing that looked pretty but tasted, well, like butter. I was having lighting issues so it may not be apparent that the icing was light blue. The shells are candies I made from Wilton candy disks and mold I picked up from Michaels. Making those was actually more fun that I anticipated. My favorite part of the cake itself was the icing bubbles coming up from the Swedish fish.

Part Two: The Party

We found the now-traditional birthday hats at Disney a few years ago. Cute, huh? The girls had a great time opening gifts. They received so many nice things!


henry said...

WOW I am clearly missing some great times in Florida!!

Happy Birthday Girls!

(psst! Did they save me a slice of cake?!?! I have to say I am impressed and being a long time cake aficionado I feel compelled to offer my rating services absolutely free of charge, but you must act today!!)

Catherine Derrow said...

Um, cake looks totally awesome! Way to go, Martha Stewart! I will not be doing that anytime soon for my kids.