Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fantabulous Photo Shoot Extravaganza

We had a little photo session yesterday because we are too cheap to pay for professional photography and I thought you might enjoy some of the results.

Our first model is E.

Up next is A. She takes her modeling very seriously.

We can't forget N.

And finally, the twins showing the love.


Catherine Derrow said...

Loving the sideways looks, especially "E" -- looks totally like you! And gotta love "A"'s adorable cheeks! Beautiful girls!!

MrsMama said...

How fun! Your girls are lovely. I'm too cheap for a pro too. But I think moms get the best pictures anyway. :)

D said...

Thank you!

MrsMama, your photos are always so lovely that I hardly think you would need a pro anyway. I loved all the photos on your site as well as the ones you took for April of Coal Creek Farm.