Saturday, September 19, 2009


August is birthday time for all 3 girls. At this point we are opting to do one party for everyone, which is certainly convenient since their birthdays are only 10 days apart.

This year I made this cake and made a 7-minute frosting, which I dyed pink with Wilton icing die. I used the ingredients from this recipe and the technique from this one. I also sprinkled it with edible glitter, although it doesn't really show in the pictures.

Please pardon the sweaty heads. You see, our air conditioner picked this particular weekend to stop working. If you are not from Florida, you may not appreciate the full impact of that statement. Florida + August = 7th circle of hell. Which is to say, it's hot. Lake of Fire hot. Blessed be the family and friends who showed up anyway. We heart you, kisses. The girls had a wonderful time! I just can't believe they are already 6 and 7!

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