Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I love pizza. No, I mean I LOOOOOVVVE pizza. It is a rare week that doesn't involve me make one. I am also trying to incorporate healthier food choices into our daily lives. My typical crust is diametrically opposed to this goal and so I have been searching high and low for a wheat pizza crust that doesn't destroy the pizza experience. This is the best one I have found thus far . I added 1 1/2 tsp of sugar for the yeast to eat and replaced 1/4 of the flour with flax seed meal to make me feel cool. Also, mine was done in 17 minutes rather than the 20-25 minutes recommended. What I liked about this crust is that the rise time is short, the dough was easy to handle, the texture was not too heavy, and the bottom was crispy (I bake mine on the bottom rack). It was a touch bland so I think next time I will use a bit of honey rather than sugar and maybe some herbs right in the dough. As always, if you have a great recipe I'd love to see it!

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