Tuesday, April 1, 2008

le concombre avec dinde et craquelin de goldfish a la E.

Chef E.

"Mommy, I'm staaaaarrrrvvving. My tummy wants food now, please make lunch for us, please!" The situation was looking grim, three starving girls getting pretty darn cranky. I need lunch, and I need it STAT. I open my fridge to survey the contents for a suitable meal, and it is slim pickins. By this time 2 of the 3 are clutching their stomachs and moaning in anguish (I would like to mention that I had, in fact, fed these children a large breakfast 3 hours ago). This was clearly an emergency, so I threw some turkey, cucumber slices and a hefty pile of goldfish crackers on their plates and announced that lunch was served...and the people rejoiced. Once seated, E.(one of my 5 yr old twins and the most vehement in her demand for food) apparently decided she was dissatisfied with the lackluster presentation of her meal and arranged her food into the lovely presentation in the above photo. Once all the elements were in place and met her rigorous standards, she turned to me with a, "Mommy look at this, Voila!" and demanded I take a picture. We, umm, watch a lot of cooking shows around here. E. tells me that her favorite chefs are Paula Deen, Alton Brown, and the animated rat from Ratatouille. She then proceeds to regale us all with her description of how the flavors of each individual ingredient combine to create something "Magnifique!". That's my girl. Bon Appetit!

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