Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nooks and Crannies

I recently painted my daughter, A.'s, room a lovely shade of pink. One would think that painting one 10x10 room would be quick and simple. One might think that but one would be wrong. For you see, I have orange peel textured walls which makes painting (something which I have done many times and actually enjoyed) an arduous task. "Curse you, villainous textured wall!" say I with clenched fist held aloft and being shaken with indignation. In the interest of efficiency I have compiled a list of why hell will freeze over before I buy another house with orange peel walls. It is as follows:
  1. It is virtually impossible to achieve a nice straight line where the wall meets the ceiling. I have yet to master a tape applying technique that results in said tape adhering to every nook and cranny. The result is paint on the ceiling. Not pretty.
  2. Imagine applying a thin layer of peanut butter to and english muffin. Now you know the first layer is not going to result in all the nooks and crannies being filled. No, it will take a couple of applications and some pressure to obtain full coverage. The same can be said for orange peel textured walls(I think it should be renamed english muffin textured walls, it suits).
  3. Lastly, you must inspect the wall from every possible angle to see if everything is covered and no little white specks are left bare. Regardless of how closely you scrutinize your work you will inevitably discover defects for as many years as that paint is on your walls.
So it is with no small amount of relief that I find my project completed and A. delighted with the results. Of course her sisters are now petitioning to have their room repainted. Hmmm.... maybe in a few months.

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