Friday, April 4, 2008

Yes, We Have Alligators At The Library

This week at the library we spotted two juvenile alligators about 1 1/2 feet long. The above gator was on the same side of the pond as we were. Naturally, this was taken with zoom because I am not an idiot. I also included the only ugly photograph of a heron known to man. You will truly appreciate just how difficult it was to take a bad shot of these ordinarily graceful creatures when you see the photo below.

Now, this is what a heron really looks like. The smaller white bird in this pic is a white ibis. The next pic is the second juvenile alligator from the opposite bank after it entered the water and began swimming toward us. This is the point where I ushered my children back to the car posthaste. Here is a bit of info about gators: typically they go the opposite direction of humans. The exception to this would be mothers guarding a nest or her young and males during mating season, both of which can be very aggressive. This young gator swam toward me because it is used to being fed and sees me as a food source. I really couldn't be less interested in being a food source for a gator. In no way do I want to be associated with food in their little reptilian brains. With all this in mind, I asked the library staff why the alligators haven't been moved to another location. The response was that they wouldn't stand a chance because the bigger gators would likely kill them. Hmmm....gee that is a sad prospect. It is definitely a much better idea to allow hand-fed gators to get big and strong in the library pond which is heavily frequented by children. Riiiight. So, Aunt J., you in the market some alligator pumps this year?

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